Website Design

The website is the basis of your online presence. The pages we create are optimized for all Internet browsers as well as devices (Desktop PCs, Laptops, Cell Phones, Tablets…).
Each site we create has a CMS system so clients can maintain the site on their own, modify content and add new content, news, images, videos and other content.

Web hosting

We have provided all our clients with web site hosting. The servers are owned by a partner company and are located in Croatia and provide quality support.
We offer a complete service: domain registration, site placement, e-mail address assignment…

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing or Online marketing is a form of marketing that uses the Internet to advertise products and services.
We provide SEO optimization services, Google ads, Facebook ads…

Creating a complete website with a CMS system for managing detailed content on a website with a multilingual system included. The user can easily select the characteristics of each accommodation unit, the features of the accommodation, easy creation of prices by dates and additional characteristics, location, occupancy calendar and more. The possibility of automated on-line reservation of dates for the use of certain services (apartments, rooms, hotels, ...), management of these reservations, calculation of prices and other costs and automatic creation of reservations.



Android apps
We convert your web pages into android apps and insert them into the Google Store.

Application example:

Rab Arba

Aerial shooting
Aerial photography with a drone - video and aerial photos.

Video example:


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